20 years on the Hard

20 years on the Hard
A long way to go!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

British Seagull

I bought a 1983 British Seagull Silver Century 4.5hp SN# ESC43GG3 and am contemplating installing a motor well to keep things neat and streamlined.
Any input or suggestions would be welcome. It looks like after lofting everything into cad that the concept is sound and fits well with the exception of not being able to use the mounted stock fuel tank. I'm not sure what it will take to make this Gull run from an external tank but I'm sure that it is but a minor challenge. Any ideas?

Interior demo is complete, next is grinding down the seams where all of the interior bulkheads were taped to the hull, pressure washing to remove all interior paint. I have removed the companionway hatch and am preparing it for resurfacing. The forward hatch has it's first coat of primer and has been wet sanded waiting for a second coat of primer . I'll get some more pics soon.